What is徽音(Kiin) festival?


徽音(Kiin) festival is a school festival held in Ochanomizu University.
徽(Ki) means “beauty” while 音(In) means “voice,”
and thus 徽音(Kiin) comes from the meaning “virtue.”
The theme for the festival this year is “TEA PARTY 〜KI IN wonderland.”
TEA stands for our university “Ocha,” which means “tea” in Japanese. In addition,
KI comes from our mascot character “Ki-chan” and KI IN comes from the name of our festival “Kiin.”
This theme contains our wish for all the people to enjoy our wonderful,
pretty, and unique school festival in Ochanomizu University.
This year will be the 68th anniversary for Kiin festival.
We are working very hard to make this traditional festival a more enjoyable and a more exciting one.
We hope to see you all at our Kiin festival.

Past awards

  • Best of School festival 2016: PR video prize
  • Japan Mascot Election 2016: 1st prize
  • Local Special Dish Contest: 2015 2nd prize
  • International Students Recipe Contest: 2015 1st prize
  • School Festival Contest 2014: overall 2nd prize
  • Research Publication Department 2014: 1st prize
  • SNS Supporting Group Contest 2014: 3rd prize    etc…

Message from the chair of executive committee


This is Saki Kawakami, the chair of 68th Kiin festival executive committee.
Kiin festival is held every November, and many people visit our campus every year.
Plenty of food stalls will be lining up on campus and various unique programs will be carried out in each classroom.
We will do our best to have everyone fully enjoy this special event that is held once in a year in Ochanomizu University.
Overall, I would like to appreciate for the cooperation to all members from supporters’ association,
Ouin association, Ochanomizu University staffs, local residents,
and all other people who are involved in this event.

We are all looking forward to seeing you!

The chair of 68th Kiin festival executive committee
Saki Kawakami